Friday, October 06, 2006

listening to eyes on me

my stupid dad. make me lost control of myself to use d com. how smart can he get n now he is yelling at me to get out of it. finally i dun noe where is d switch. n he actually go n find it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

listening to balamb garden frm FF8

back. sch was ok. i guess. haha. haiz. but was kinda bored lah. after sch went band room. i dun noe. i am confused. it juz wasn't d same anymore. i dun noe y..but d feeling is jzu gone when i am in d band room. everyting seems so weird. no one is interested in their playing of instruments but talking n playing in d band room. i wonder wt is going on. oh well. haiz. dun noe lah. so i stay outside doing sci wb. after tt went c saxophone haf sectionals. then went band room slack. play abit of eb clarinet. so cute. haha then.. went tbp wif cecillia n novelyn. damn slack. haha then went home liao. haha.