Thursday, April 16, 2009

listening to you've got a friend in me by dun noe who.

finally i am back. i sneak online yesterday n d day b4 to blog retarded things. haha. today is a official day i can come online. :] haha guess carn update my blog too much liao cos not allow to. then.. today.

i juz wan thank cass lee n val chong to encourage me to do my pull ups :] reali greatful. without u two i won't be able to make it at all. :) n abit to val gho oso lah. dun say i din say u. go tell cass to tell me to think of wt hor. damn smart lah. :X then.. yeah. yay i manage to do at least one. sumhow. SUMHOW. haha

anyway lesson time nth much to say. all damn bored. haha maybe lit was ok. haha i only like assembly period. got dis person frm walk disney came n teach us how to draw. yay. he rawk. he help me draw a pikachu after sch. hahaha :) n er. beatrice was mad. she go bite my hand for i dun noe wt reason. nutcase. tsk. then..went band room. blah blah ate lunch. fall in. haha then go sectionals. damn pathetic. andrea, me, pei xiu n jamie. how nice. then.. went in. andrea gtg. then i play Bb first part while liyi play Eb first part. then my two juniors play Bb second part. then. play d in d spotlight. then kinda run through romansque n on d village green. only three clarinetists playing. cos liyi is play sax part.