Saturday, May 19, 2007

listening to she will be loved by maroon 5

back.. haiz.. went met sze at plaza singapura today.. rush like shit cos of d dance thingy meeting them at 1 wt..then rush to meet sze at 11.30 when i havent even bath yet when she call like around 10.40. rush like mad mann. then walk around wif her to get her cloth for d banner painting for guides. then she went with me to yamaha to buy bore oil. haha then went to the movie world thingy bought one dvd for myself. haha. sinbad and the legend of seven seas. haha afterall is on sale wt. n yay sze n charing comfirm going for cgs concert!!! yes! n tt day we are going bowling first. lalala hope tt day no band lah. or my plan will be screwed. or else i might even pon. haha. :p then... around 12.30 say bye to her le..then rush off to take 65. wtf lah. who noes take 65 reaching thanyalak hse le then suddenly andrea call me n say they cancel it. irritating lah everything oso last minute. haiz. so i went home.. :] then.. parents force me went out wif them or else i won't get my new clothes, n my new furnitures. who noes go to the furniture shop. carn even get the things i wan get. so wt lah still wan me go choose. no difference loh. then never buy. haha cos my face damn black. i was abt to blow my temper liao. haha then my parents give up. hah then went to cheena town to buy my clothes at OG. or else they dun wan buy for me. haiz.. stupid loh. i hate cheena town. so crowded. haha. then bought two shirts. one frm OP, one frm billabong and a new pants frm op. then.. went eat dinner at d hawker centre then came back. my father dun even mind spening like abt 100 plus on my clothings. haha i wonder y. :X then...

one more week to performance. n i swear we r gona malu ourselves. i'm looking forward to it but. at d same time, hoping tt lesser ppl come. in case we malu until like wt. haiz..

band camp is coming. haha yay. but is not gona be as fun as last yr..comfirm one. haiz..