Thursday, December 14, 2006

26 question in alphabetical order

From A to Z

A - Age:
- 114

B - Brands usually bought:
- ?

C - Career in future:
- i dun noe

D - Dancing as a career??:
- dream on
E - Easiest person to talk to:
- pei xiu, cherng shing, novelyn, valerie, andrea

F - France or England
-- england

G - Gunbound or Ragnarok:

H - Hometown:
- sIngapore

I - Instruments:
- clairnet!! guitar

J - Jungle or Sea-side:
- sea side

K - Kids:
- ??

L - lefty or righty
- lefty rawks!

M - Meat or Vegetables:
- meat

N - Number of siblings:
- 1

O - Open Minded or Close minded
- close minded

P - Phobia[s]:
- insects(cockroach)

Q - Quantity or Quality (for anything):
- nth?

R - Reason to smile:
- make ppl happy.

S - Song you sang last:
- shape of my heart

T - Time you wake up:
- 8am

V - Vegetable you hate:
- all

W - Worst attitude:
- when ppl show attitude n summore still can so rude n suck up

X - Xavier or Jean Grey:
- wt is tt

Y - Yolk or Egg WHite:
- both

Z - Zodiac:
- cancer. yay cancer rawks!

Friday, December 01, 2006

listening to never be replaced by 1st ladi

haha back. now wei ting/et is beside me now. haha pei xiu call her et. tsk tsk. haha now they noe each other le. :) anway i spike my hair!!! obviously is i cut my hair first. haha i dun noe how d auntie cut one. so scary. haha. then went c doctor. so sad loh d doctor din gif me mc for tmr :( haha then came home. was smsing throughout. haha. then wei ting came my hse. haha now she is reading. haha reading d i dun noe wt bk is it. haha :) smart right. hahaahah haiz. sianz. haha might update later :] or put lyrics. haha