Tuesday, April 10, 2007

listening to my happy ending by arvil lavinge

back..din update for d past two days cos was quite busy.

wed: off day, but went back to sch for band till 5 plus. carn reali rmb wt happen buy rmb got sectional lunch. at first wan go telok blangah n eat mac. but who noes it close down. n i thought i still saw it at d beginning of the yr, weird. so end up eating at d market. ate chicken rice. stole abit of christine carrot cake. haha. :] then yeah after that went back for more band. after band rush to meet bebe at d bus stop cos she waited for me since 5pm. so touch. haha. then went off wif her to ps. n walk around saying lots of crap lah. then check for her drum course n i need to check guitar course. then after tt went to candice hse. went to bath n change. n they happily lah while i change like keep on knocking d door suddenly when i havent bath yet. damn weird lah. haha then watch tv d new show swimming one. then until 10..went into candice room. dun noe wt we did tt but we did rubbish. haha then after one hr plus. canr slp. so watch sch of rock on her laptop on her bed. damn funny laugh n laugh. haha then finish at 1.30 plus then went to slp. but i had a hard time sleeping cos bebe n candice making stupid noises like farting?! then after tt i dun even rmb tt i slept. keep waking up in d middle of d night cos so cold. kana signess. then heard candice say tt i slp talking. haha cos she beside me. then heard n she say damn scary. :X got meh. i dun even think i got slp loh. haha then...

thurs: woke up.. then blah blah. went c doc.. *eyeing at bebe* haha then rush off for band nxt. they having sectionals. then after sectionals is lunch lah. but before tt got commitee meeting. i totally stand wif wt mr yeo say lah. it makes sense. but d point is tt.. juz din come for yesterday n take off d rank is too..erm.. harsh lah.. then.. blah blah went for lunch wif d section plus justine and cherng shing. then blah blha blha went back for combined band. then tt's abt it..after tt then went rent comics went home. bath n ate dinner. fall asleep at 7 woke up in d morning in time to go sch. haha

today:went back to sch. got back papers. wt luck. i pass my eng. n i pass my home econs by luck. haha d rest for maths i pass but i fail my paper 2. haha happily lah. then got 60/100. damn bad can. grrrr. how to go 3C other class ppl got so damn high can. then.. got back cheena. got A for tt. haha so happy. i love chen lan qing lah. haha then.. art. i oso damn happy. i got B3 for it. yay! :] assembly went to hall for some emergency thingy. damn pissed. kana make to sit at a place i dun wan. :( then after sch went for band. mr wong din come so is andrea conduct d band. then maybe is time i get serious. :X haha then went tbp wif novelyn, pei xiu n cherng shing then ate at burger king. then i think i miss my hamster too much lah. haiz.. break down dere, haiz... thx anyway. is nuts. haha :X