Monday, July 30, 2007

pls play well during the performance tmr. n most important is to follow the conductors. n start on time.. n for the juniors if some parts..u guys still cannot play..try not to play tt part..k? n dun be nervous for d performance. n pls be serious too.. :) tt's all abt it.. gd luck ppl. haf fun. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

listening to my everything by 98 degrees

last day of school today. i don't feel anything sad about it. instead i was kinda happy? i don't know. or maybe i was kinda sad. not because of the class lah. is another thing lah. then.. have end of year mass today. i sang. yay i SANG. this time i get the tense right. so now andrea, bebe, candice n tania u can stop laughing at my english language. then.. the elfs were cute. chui ling damn cute!!! but i wonder why she din won. instead is 1B won. bernetta oso very cute. haha face so red one. then.. yeah after that...

went for band.. warm up for one hr first...then went for lunch break for another hr then went to the foyer n practise. bebe was watching us. but halfway i think she wnet home cos i don't know where she go.. then.. practise then got sectionals. liyi thought us on the village green, double tonguing that part...then went back to band room for combine. then.. was dismissed around 6 plus...performance is another two days...n our playing is still not good...what can we do...haiz. go there malu ourselves lah. is a good lesson for all of us..then today carn borrow instruments. argh. carn prac.ended up borrowing files back. ha. then... after band went home wif novelyn, cherng shing n pei xiu.. n vanessa is so nice. she lend me her GBA for oen day to play. was playing it for a long time juz now then i come back n blog. hahaha :)