Thursday, November 27, 2008

listening to not ready for goodbye by all for one

back. so tired. woke up late at 7.30. rush like shit n rush to thanyalak hse. i'm late for 10 minutes. hahaha. then er.. practise d dance thingy. i got no comments. as usual wt, i hate dancing. hahah. :X then after dancing went ate chicken rice at lucky plaza wif helen n andrea. haha it was damn nice. we did something stupid to xiao wei. haha. then.. blah blah rush to gwc wif them.. then they had meeting. while i was juz sitting dere stoning. haha. then went play online arcade games. then only play for awhile only loh..not fun one..then yay persuaded vanessa to go taka wif me. cos andrea carn go. :( then.. yay haha cherng shing n pei xiu made us waited for 40 minutes. saw lynette. n tracy too. ahhhhhhhh TRACY WHERE IS MY SCORES!? hahhaa. :] lynette must remind tracy k.. haha then walk around then finally they call n guess wt. ask to meet at lucky plaza. haha so wakl dere. then yay intro them d chicken rice stall. :] then walk around town until 7 plus then went home while cherng shing n pei xiu dun noe go where while me n vanessa went back to gwc by d free bus then... she sent me to d bus stop n take bus. haha it was a fun day overall :)

candice: must cool down, k?? n cheer up too :)))