Tuesday, February 13, 2007

listeining to invisible by hoobastank

i realised blogger can update more than 530. i'm acting damn retarded. mainly my com is lagging lah. but i try to update on both sides than. haha i miss blogger.:) anyway blah blah exams haf been damn stress full. n i haf been writing rubbish k. haha esp geo, lit n sci. all rubbish! hahaha fail le. then i change blog skin. haha maroon 5!! haha shall add in the song oso

Friday, February 09, 2007


my bro keep saying i look like bung cos of my size. :( die. i spike for fun only loh.dun noe tt it will result in tt kind of comment. my neighbour oso look at me like wt loh. dead. haha but who cares. shall wear cap when i go out nxt time d most lah.