Monday, March 19, 2007

listening to FF10 songs

back. exams is finally over. but it don't make a difference to me. n damn it. i screw up for MY LAST PAPER! break down infront of my juniors again. damn lah.anyway juz wana say thanks to them lah as usual. is always the same ppl. cherng shing, novelyn, germaine, pei xiu(even though you're not there but u sms me lah), rebecca, ya ting.thx alot!! lucky not tt serious like last yr...last yr wah before paper 2 i started crying liao. cos scared i drop to normal. haha. lucky i din lah. comfirm carn go 3C one lah. fuck lah. n SUMMORE LAST PAPER CAME OUT TWO SAME QUESTIONS I DO BEFORE YESTERDQY LOH. n mr yeow went through wif me can. n i dun noe how to do. FUCK! then.. last question blank. no time. damn lah.

after tt went cine with my clique.saw dis baby girl at the bus. omg she damn cute. so ask bebe to take pic of her cos that girl like bebe mah n summore nearer. so cute can. carn stand it.after tt walk around. ate at pasta. but i dun eat pasta so andrea went down with me to kfc n buy food. omg d food damn long can. should have buy at long john loh but kana bullied by sam chua dere lah. haha then.. after that.. went.. up then after that wanted go bowling n happily is not open. hurt my feelings n i've been looking forward to bowling whole day long. damn it. arcade. time crisis 2!! i hate d gun like shit. no vibration like candice gun. haha. try DDR after two yrs. n i dun noe wt am i doing. then they make me go do d para para. so stupid tt one. must put d hand dere for dun noe wt. then wen take neoprint. think we click d wrong one. until d machinine rushing us. haha.

after that went to jurong. tania gtg home le. then.. we go ice skating. OMG I HATE ICE SKATING!!! i hate i hate. is so scary n is so pain, not fun. instead i am sweating like shit when is so cold. wth lah. then candice, andrea n bebe smart lah. all dun wan help me, make me walk on my own wif valerie. in d end bebe wan push me to fall down cos i dun dare to move fast cos i scared fall down wt. then in d end fail. but hor after a few sec i fall down. n MY BUTT IS WET!! TOGETHER WIF MY HP!! argh. then.. had a hard time getting up. d reason i dun wan fall is simple. i too fat to get up. nth to say lah. i hate ice skating. waste of money n time only. haha.

after that went to candice hse wif bebe. cos valerie gtg liao. andrea oso. so slack dere lah. candice was playing with d straightening hair thingy on bebe while i was in toilet. haha. then my turn kana frm her. then she go add more gel onto my hair. so funny can. after tt went to d first floor n watch tv until 8. then went home le. in d taxi was laughing like shit wif bebe cos she tell me abt her younger sis. wah lau so cute can her younger sis. laugh like shit when i hear it.

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