Wednesday, August 16, 2006

went tuition today. was smsing throughout can... abt d philyouth tingy. haiz. then after tuition rush to parkmall tt side. meet cherng shing n pei xiu down dere. d two of them damn pig. obviously is tt they r behind me still say they r at ps. crap lah. then keep laughing n laughing cos we r walking n walking further n further away frm d bus stop. so funny meh?

then reach tt time. saw andrea they all. they reach earlier than us. then dun noe where we go lah. go toilet! yes TOILET! YAY TOILET RAWKS. haha make some stupid crap :) haha then waited for ppl to come then watch d concert. it was kinda ok. haha i guess. or rather is nice lah. haha juz tt d 1st clarinet abit screw up. haha then.. blah blah blah went ps eat. then walk around yamaha then went home. d food at ps is horrible. i never wan go dere eat tt stupid stall again. :) haha

anyway i juz wana wish those ppl who r having prelims tmr gd luck! haha :) esp to those ppl whom i noe or always talk to online or through sms :] haha must get all As k? :)

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