Monday, September 25, 2006

listening to zanarkland by FF10. haha

sch reopen today. haha. today is such a nice day. even if i din finish my hw. :) haha. yay :] came to sch in d moring to copy hw. haha madness lah. bebe help me do my geo. haha, thx. then.. lesson started. without miss foo in assembly. haha yay. got one relief teacher. whoeva is tt she sure look like can be bullied. haha then.. started d day off wif cheena. chen lan qing is so funny as usual. she scolded me for not finishing my zuo ye d compre. but i gif her sum lame excuse till she gaf up. haha let me bring hm n do :] then.. must describ ur frenz wt. so i choose qi zhen. haha everyone seems to noe is her. cos i wrote. she wear spects, she got long hair, n when teacher ask her sum question she behave like mad woman. n everyone noe is her lioa. haha. then. er. maths nxt. it was fun for d first time. cos not enough tables for me, bebe n rina. so ended up sitting on d floor for d lesson. n it was kinda fun cos i can focus wif elango walking or stand beside teaching. haha hope tmr oso like tt. then recess. went wif candice, valerie, bebe, andrea, tania n joan. then after recess is eng. my dil is absent. n dis particular teacher who reminds me of miss tock gif me d creep. i hate miss tock n now tt her sister is back. argh. hope tt she won't pull ur uniform, use her bloody fingers n point at ur face. or even slap ppl cos i swear if she do tt i'm gona sue her. haha. then. after eng was geo. was kinda ok, i guess. then after geo was pw. slack throughout lah. haha then.. sci was playing wif andrea throughout d lesson time. haha damn nuts. keep turning around disturbing valerie, tania n cass lee. haha then andrea help me draw on my hand. cos i wan fool ppl tt i cut myself. haha then in d end. ended up so funny. fool candice n bebe. all like "yeah right, u cut urself". i was like "..." then after sci.

while walking to audi. beatrice go n say my hand look like menses. :X wah lau. i was like "......" so retarded. got test. n i hate it. do d waltz. argh. but ended up i got an A. haha surprise. after sch went tbp eat. wif candice, bebe n valerie. damn nuts. go put d "nipples" into my drinks. argh. sicko. haha but i finshed it. haha then.. go return comics. then went home liao. overall today is a nice day :)

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